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Education - Financial Investment
Written by Teuku Ananda Muchlisyah

Tips choose instrument investment

1. Don't doze at data histories which on the market concerning increase of share price and or obligation.

2. don't choose the investment just because go with the stream. better recognize yourself [by] self. if you is including aggressive people hence instrument correct is reksa share fund. if you was speculative type hence you better choose the type instrument share, or if you is including conservative type, hence select; choose instrument investment in the form of the money market tending to more peaceful.

3. perceive trend money market forwards. Expectation and trend money market have to well-balanced.

4. select the publisher instrument the bigness ( if you choose reksa fund as instrument choice).
tips buy reksa earnings fund remain to :

a. choose reksa fund with manager experienced investment in instrument market. earnings fixed, expected can obtain the result investment the maximalness.

b. Analize portofolio invesment obligation from manager investment, what is all the obligation types truely good, can in ascertaining the level return reksa the fund can to the reksa other fund of a kind.

c. Each the investor buy reksa earnings fund remain to shall recognize the obligation risk in detail and accurate expected by the investor reksa earnings fund fixed can do the performance evaluation to the reksa owned fund totally.

Tip have middle investment to go down of rate of interest BI and go up of share price.

1. Don't only peeping at reksa fund, try the investment to the unit can be got by pass company of insurance.
2. Propagate the investment reksa share fund, for example 35% reksa earnings fixed fund 35% reksa money market fund of 15% and reksa mixture fund of 15%.
3. Don't forget to use the rupiah system cost averaging, the investment wearing " credit" per month even small amount of him. this time is reksa the fund need minimum capital Rp.100.000 and Rp.200.000.

correct reading

1. Don'T be deceived by offer of low rate of interest level.

2. calculated formerly each the rate of interest on the market and also assorted of other expense component.

3. compare the insurance expense on the market by pertinent financial institution and external insurance. If cheaper outside, ask for have insurance to outside. otherwise, negotiate to get discount.

4. didn't be deceived by usual light advanced money on the market company leasing.


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